Leap Frog Week One Update

By Dave Horobin, 3 years ago
The first week of our Leap Frog contest ended a couple of days ago, and as requested we thought we'd share some of the stats that we've tracked so far.

Before we do that though, I'd like to provide an update to the issue that occurred towards the end of Period 9, when TA Pro Scanner took approx. one hour and fifteen minutes to scan one gamer. Unfortunately the issue happened right at the end of the scoring period, meaning that some people that had earned the required number of achievements weren't scanned in time for them to count, and they were subsequently eliminated from the contest.

We didn't think that was very fair, so this morning Rich has manually checked the achievement timestamps of all of the gamers that are tracked using the affected scanner and were eliminated last night. Of those people, eight had earned achievements in the time required but weren't scanned in time, and as such have been re-added to the contest.

A list of these people can be found below:

z Q u 4 K 3 z

On to the stats!

Total Number of Gamers Earning the Exact Number of Required Achievements Only:

Period 1 - 662
Period 2 - 627
Period 3 - 581
Period 4 - 501
Period 5 - 499
Period 6 - 529
Period 7 - 507

Gamers that have Earned the Exact Number of Required Achievements Only in All Seven Periods:


Top Five Gamers - Achievements Won:

Awesom3 Pand4 - 221
IrishWarrior022 - 192
Andyboyishere - 186
stordoff - 178
lucas1987 - 173

Total Number of Achievements Earned:


Total Gamerscore Earned:


Total TA Earned:


Number of Gamers that Reached Period 8:


I'll be back for another stats roundup at the end of week two! If you have suggestions for any stats you would like for us to include, please post them in the comments below.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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