XBL Content Roundup: April 23rd & 24th, 2015

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
Xbox One Pre-Orders

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Size: 37.14 GB
Price: US$19.99 / £14.99 / €19.99 / AU$39.95
Release date: May 5th worldwide
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a standalone prequel to the critically acclaimed first-person action-adventure shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order. The adventure, which spans eight chapters and two interconnected stories, features the hallmarks of MachineGames – thrilling action, immersive story and intense first-person combat. As war hero B.J. Blazkowicz, arm yourself with new weapons such as the bolt-action rifle and grenade-launching Kampfpistole as you attempt to thwart the advancing Nazi war machine, and take advantage of duel-wielding pipes that can be used for wall climbing – or for vicious take-downs of never-before-seen Nazi adversaries.
Xbox One Games

Happy Wars
Size: 1.7 GB
Price: FREE
Happy Wars is a large-scale online multiplayer action game, involving up to 20 players per match. Go wild in over-the-top melees in a fantasy setting featuring comical characters! Assign any of the 6 unique character classes to your player character, personalize it by adding customization parts from a wide variety of choices, and engage in heated sieges and cast spells in grand magical battles with players all over the world! Happy Wars is great because: - Happy Wars offers wide variety of game modes, including a Quick Match mode involving 20 players per match, Co-op, Special Game, Story Campaign modes and more! - 4-Player split screen local multiplayer allows family and friends to play together on the couch. - You can share and use the save file from your Xbox 360 version of Happy Wars! (*However, some items may not be shared.)

Windows 8 Games

Tiny Troopers (Win 8)
Size: 123.4 MB
Price: FREE
Size doesn't matter for these miniature men of war.
Take control of a platoon of crack soldiers and deploy in a variety or war zones as you battle through the epic campaign.

Featuring awesome visuals, intuitive touch gameplay, varied missions and a great sense of humor, Tiny Troopers is the complete package.

You control three highly trained troopers whose missions include destroying the enemy, blowing up structures, and escorting journalists through war torn areas.

Tiny Troopers features 30 explosive missions spread across three chapters, all tied together into an involving, narrative-driven campaign.

Your troops will get stronger and more battle hardened the more missions they survive. Can you keep your squad alive through the whole war?

Earn 20 in-game XBOX achievements to prove your awesomeness.

• Tiny Troopers, Big explosions!
• Guide your troops behind enemy lines.
• Awesome firepower and pinpoint targeting.
• XBOX Live Achievements.
• Specialist soldier for spec-ops.
• 30 strategic missions to accomplish.
Xbox One DLC with Achievements

Project Spark
• "Project Spark: Conker Play & Create Bundle"
Achievements: 16 for a total of 215G
Price: US$9.99 / £7.99 / €9.99
Join CONKER and help him celebrate his BIG REUNION with the ultimate PLAY AND CREATE Conker bundle! Please note - the Conker Play & Create bundle includes Conker’s Big Reunion game! Bundle includes: - The adventure game - CONKER’S BIG REUNION! - Content creation pack - CONKER: HAIL TO THE REMIX - Playable Champion - CONKER THE SQUIRREL - CHAMPIONS QUEST E1: VOID STORM action-adventure game Play Conker’s Big Reunion - Meet up with friends like Birdy the Scarecrow and share some laughs! - Run, jump and tail glide over perilous hazards! - Smash, blast, and shred enemies with zany weapons! - Use Context Sensitive skills to solve puzzles! Create with Conker: Hail to the Remix - 5 Characters including Conker, Birdy, Tediz and more! - Windy Grasslands biome, paint, water, and props! - Mix-and-match clothes for Conker and Tediz! - 70+ Conker themed props, icons, and visual effects! - 200+ Conker themed sounds and music tracks! Play as Conker the Squirrel Champion - As Conker, bash and shoot through hordes of foes! - Collect cash to summon mighty Context Sensitive attacks! - Unlock new skills and creation content as Conker’s level increases! - Unlock Character Studio content as Conker’s level increases! - CROSSROADS: Defeat enemies and complete quests to level up! - COMMUNITY: Create and play games that star Champion Conker! Play Champions Quest: Void Storm - Episode 1 kicks off the story of SPARK and his quest to save the universe - Quest as your favorite Champions including CONKER - Play solo, or with a friend via same screen co-op - Gain XP to unlock new skills and content for your Champions - Use Spark Powers to solve puzzles and combat foes
• "Project Spark: Conker's Big Reunion" - US$4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99
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