More Artwork for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

By Fierce, 2 years ago
We've previously shown you artwork of locations and weapons for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and now on the heels of the upcoming release, Bethesda is providing an onslaught of additional images. Beware of Fräulein Helga.

Fire Trooper 1940

Hans Grosse


Helga Portrait

1946 Helga Photograph 1

1946 Helga Photograph 2

1946 Helga Photograph 3

1946 Helga Photograph 4

1946 Helga Photograph 5

1946 Helga Photograph 6

1946 Helga Photograph 7

1946 Photograph Rudi Jager - At the Front

1946 Photograph Rudi Jager - Greta Running

1946 Photograph Rudi Jager - Hunting Trip

Down with the Nazi regime! You'll get to take on the Old Blood when it releases for the Xbox One on May 5th, but you can get your digital pre-order in now. Bitte schön!
Written by Fierce
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