Call Of Duty: Black Ops III First Screens

By Ben Terrett, 2 years ago
Following this week's reveal trailer for, Activision has also released some screenshots of the upcoming shooter. Most likely taken from the game's singleplayer campaign, these images give us another glimpse at the futuristic setting for the next Call of Duty.

We can also gather a few clues from the image names. Ramses Station is the name given to the location in the outdoor screenshots below. In addition, the character looking sideways at the camera in the first image is simply captioned as 'Hendricks'. Let the rumors begin!

28/04/15 - Screen 3

28/04/15 - Screen 7

28/04/15 - Screen 8

28/04/15 - Screen 6

28/04/15 - Screen 2

28/04/15 - Screen 5

28/04/15 - Screen 4

28/04/15 - Screen 1

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is coming to Xbox One on November 6th, which interestingly is a Friday, rather than the usual Tuesday!
Ben Terrett
Written by Ben Terrett
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