Space Dust Racers Lets 16 Players Compete Locally

By Lexley Ford, 2 years ago
Space Dust Studios’ debut project Obliteracers, a vehicular combat party game inspired by classics such as Mashed and Micro Machines, was first known to be coming to the Xbox One when it was featured as part of the huge line-up of ID@Xbox titles shown at San Francisco's GDC earlier last month. At that time we knew that up to 16 players could battle it out in the game’s round-based fight to the finish line, and you would be forgiven for believing that this would require online play to achieve.

Thanks to "innovative wifi controller technology", the title will allow up to 16 people to play locally by using smartphones, tablets and laptops as additional controllers. The technology, which won the award for Best Technology at Freeplay 2015, is completely browser-based, meaning no smartphone app download is required and will likely work with most devices.

Smartphone Controller

Glen Stuart, Lead Technology Developer at Space Dust Studios explains:
The game acts as a web server, allowing devices to connect and send input to and from the game session. The technology also works with most USB and bluetooth devices, allowing physical gamepads to be daisy-chained to Android smartphones and laptops for tactile feedback.
Controller Diagram

At time of writing, the title still has 29 days to go to reach its goal of $128,000 AUD.

Space Dust Racers is currently in development for PC, but an Xbox One version is planned for release sometime in early 2016 if everything continues as planned.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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