Guns, Gore & Cannoli Screens & Artwork Released

By Ashley Woodcock,
Game developer Crazy Monkey Studios have unleashed a huge serving of artwork and screens showcasing a wide range of shooting goodness from their upcoming run & gun title Guns, Gore & Cannoli. To start with, let's look at the art of the game's main protagonist alongside other various characters featured in the title:

G,G&C Screens 4

G,G&C Screens 8

G,G&C Screens 9

G,G&C Screens 16

G,G&C Screens 25

Vinnie Cannoli will be the main man players will take control of. Here he is toting a mean Thompson with absolutely no fear in his eyes, despite how high the odds look to be stacked against him:

GG&C JPG Screen 01

GG&C JPG Screen 2

G,G&C Screens 37

Some of the other characters also had their time to shine in the spotlight by themselves in these pieces of artwork, as we check out the cop zombie, the fat cook, a rat zombie, and just your normal everyday zombies too:

GG&C JPG Screen 3

G,G&C Screens 23

G,G&C Screens 24

GG&C JPG Screen 4

G,G&C Screens 22

G,G&C Screens 38

We also have some gameplay screens as Vinnie traverses through many different locations, taking on countless enemies while running, jumping, and gunning anyone and anything in his way:

G,G&C Screens 3

G,G&C Screens 6

G,G&C Screens 10

G,G&C Screens 11

G,G&C Screens 13

G,G&C Screens 15

G,G&C Screens 17

G,G&C Screens 18

G,G&C Screens 34

Lastly, to finish up this generous release of artwork and screens, we witness the start to finish of the sewer stage topped off by a screen of the four madmen behind the upcoming title:

G,G&C Screens 26

G,G&C Screens 27

G,G&C Screens 28

G,G&C Screens 29

G,G&C Screens 30

G,G&C Screens 31

G,G&C Screens 32

G,G&C Screens 33

G,G&C Screens 36

A solid release date is yet to be confirmed for Guns, Gore & Cannoli. As always, we'll be sure to keep you up to date when more media is released for the title.

We've got the full list of Guns, Gore & Cannoli achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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