Leap Frog Week Two Update

By Dave Horobin, 3 years ago
It's time to share some stats from week two of the Leap Frog competition, which ended earlier this week.

As with last week's roundup, before we get into the stats, I'm going to clear up the issue that occurred during the final couple of hours of Period 17. For those of you that are unaware, Xbox LIVE was once again returning gamers as private when we attempted a scan. As Murphy's Law dictates, the issue was fixed with only a couple of minutes left in the period, and as such a long list of gamers were incorrectly eliminated from the competition.

This morning, Rich took the steps found here and has reinstated all of the people who had earned the required number of achievements in time, but couldn't be scanned. The full list of those gamers can be found here.

Back to the stats!

Total Number of Gamers Earning the Exact Number of Required Achievements Only:

Period 8 - 502
Period 9 - 459
Period 10 - 388
Period 11 - 357
Period 12 - 329
Period 13 - 316
Period 14 - 289

Gamers that have Earned the Exact Number of Required Achievements Only in All Fourteen Periods:


Ripley LV426
Chaos Jester1
Chad and Jessie
Lobo Samhain
DJ RJester
Summoning Yuna

Top Five Gamers - Achievements Won:

lucas1987 - 191
ping182 - 172
AuxiliaryInk664 - 171
RULEi - 168
Sharlak Intulak - 167

Total Number of Achievements Earned:


Total Gamerscore Earned:


Total TA Earned:


Number of Gamers that Reached Period Fifteen:


Apologies for not including some of the stats that were suggested last week. It's been a pretty busy week, so we'll look at expanding the stats further for the next roundup.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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