Monday Night Combat Title Update

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
First up, let's deal with the new title update available now for Monday Night Combat. You should be able to obtain this update the next time you fire up the game. Here's a brief overview of the changes that the update bundles in:

Along with a ton of fixes and gameplay balance we've increased the Trial time to 60 minutes. If you already have the Trial and have used up your 30 minutes, guess what, you get 30 more. For those of you haven't downloaded the game yet, you get a full 60 minutes of bacon goodness over Xbox Live and unlimited Local Blitz play.
I bet you're all wondering why it took so, so long for this update and the associated fixes to get pushed out over Xbox LIVE. Well, Uberent have been very forthcoming with information (read: happy to point the finger at Microsoft):

For a multiplayer game like ours to be successful, we need to adjust balance, fix exploits, and add new content based on feedback from our community and do it quickly. Unfortunately for the our first Title Update, which was handed off to Microsoft for certification over a month ago, got caught up in a perfect storm of software changes and tons of new games coming out. This caused our Title Update to get backlogged along with other digital titles. They tell us this won't happen again in the future.
That's a fair summation of the changes, but if you love to read change logs, you can head over to the official forums where you can look at exactly what has been altered (there's a lot of changes to trawl through).

If patches and fixes weren't good news enough, Uberent are celebrating the release of their title update with the chance to win some free copies of Monday Night Combat if you're on Twitter. Follow @Uberent for some 'free code' giveaways.

As their final slice of good news, Uberent spoke of their plans for a batch of free DLC in the not too distant future:

... our first free DLC should be out sooner than later. We'll have announcements of what's in that DLC in the coming weeks.
On that note, all that remains to be said is the somewhat clichéd, 'stay tuned for more information'!

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