Tinertia Gameplay Footage and Developer Interview

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
You may remember a recent news article introducing upcoming platformer Tinertia for Xbox One.

Well if you were wanting more information about it, loads more in fact, your wish has been granted. What you have here is a rather lengthy 93-minute Youtube video by one of the Steam early-access players on PC. The gameplay footage includes a voiceover chat between the player, KingFoom, and one of the developers, Vilas Tewari. They discuss the original inspiration for the game, the decision for its primary 'jump' mechanic being rocket jumping, and the emergence of speedrunning as one of its promotional choices. There's also a fair bit of discussion surrounding the various game modes and some other ideas the devs have been kicking around.

Oh, and you'll probably get a good few laughs out of the many varieties of death that ensue for the player.

Check out the video below if you have a couple of hours to spare and want quite a bit of information on the upcoming indie title.

Tinertia is set to release sometime this fall for Xbox One. We'll be sure to keep you up to speed with any updates!
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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