Star Wars Battlefront Details and Artwork Emerge

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
We all know the Star Wars fans among us wait with baited breath for each new detail on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox One. Lucky for you, EA has released new information on the creation of the planet Sullust.

TIE fighters and lava... two things I didn't expect to see together.TIE fighters and lava... two things I didn't expect to see together.

While brainstorming on various planets and locales they could potentially include in Battlefront, the team at DICE settled on the idea of a lava planet. This decision, once made internally, was then pitched to Lucasfilm. Together, they decided to use this environment as the depiction of a planet referenced, but never seen, in Return of the Jedi, namely Sullust.

Storm troopers and lava... ok yeah sensing a trend here.Storm troopers and lava... ok yeah sensing a trend here.

To create such a planet, the developers couldn't simply go out and shoot footage of locales previously used by Lucasfilm for planets already seen in the movie series. A new location needed to be found, one that would capture the otherworldly look of a lava planet. This location turned out to be Iceland, a country with locations that certainly do look alien at times, and a perfect fit for the envisioned planet of Sullust.

Who knew playing with your dolls could be a career?Who knew playing with your dolls could be a career?

Take a read through the full article HERE for the low-down on the process behind bringing a planet to life within the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17th on Xbox One.
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