Tony Hawk Pro Skater Is Back, Bro

By Mark Delaney, 3 years ago
Announced exclusively on Game Informer today, after months of hints from developers Disruptive Games and Robomodo, it's official -- Tony Hawk Pro Skater is coming back. The series that began in 1999 hasn't had a new game come out since 2010 with Tony Hawk: SHRED, and hasn't had a new Pro Skater game since 2002. Many fans of the Hawk-branded games point to the Pro Skater era as the glory days, when it was just you, your board, Rage Against The Machine, and the letters S-K-A-T-E.

The new game looks to return gamers to the series' roots with tight controls, a bevy of objectives, and classic game modes. It also introduces new power-ups and, on some game modes, projectiles. Familiar faces will be joined by more youthful stars of today like Nyjah Huston, Ishod Wair, Riley Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Leticia Bufoni, and Andrew Reynolds. Both local and online co-op and competitive modes are included too. You can take created skaters online to level up and share custom tracks with the world too. It's everything Pro Skater is known for, but updated for the modern gaming landscape.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 will hit current and last generation Xbox consoles, but Activision announced it'll hit Xbox One first in 2015, with a 360 release some time later. For screenshots and the official unveiling, check out the story on GI.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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