Walkthroughs Update - April 2015

By MC0REBE, 2 years ago
Hey all!

Even though the overseers have had a rough ride this past month, we are pleased to announce some changes as well. Before I do I'd like to thank everyone involved with the team in the past and present, because all of those people have been one of the members that allowed us to change our work for the better.

First off all I'd like to announce that we are ready again to take requests for those walkthroughs that have been abandoned. It wasn't (and still isn't) an easy task to browse through over 1,500 walkthroughs. With the help of Mystic Typh00n we were able to list all of those walkthroughs and add some notes next to them. Yes, some walkthroughs were deleted in the progress but those were mostly untouched since creation back in 2010. If you wish to view the list, I invite you to take a look at our updated thread here where you will be able to download a PDF-file from our dropbox. The community asked for "updates" regarding these walkthroughs and I think we did a fairly good job in providing additional details should you doubt in picking one of these up. We'll try to advertise these as much as we can to clean that list up and, hopefully, none get added in the future.

The second thing I'd like to focus on is the "In Progress" walkthroughs. Again, the community was screaming out for more updates and I'd like to think that this is a right step towards that direction again. While Mystic was focusing on those walkthroughs that needed some love, Daffadillon and myself started listing all of those walkthroughs that are being worked on, either by the overseer or the owner/editor. We are still working on the "Published" portion. All of the PDF-files that have been finished can be found in this thread. Both this and the other thread will be updated once every two weeks and we'll check progress on each walkthrough on a monthly basis.

Our team has been reforming and has been working on trying to have a better system to keep track of our work. Not only have we found a different way to do this, but it seems (from a management perspective) to have paid off already bearing in mind that we had only updated our way of working just two weeks ago. During that period, we also had to release some people from the team. Dead Warlord, Empty D, Freamwhole and iMaginaryy were forced to leave us and, obviously, we wish them the best in their future endeavours!

Enough of the wall of text for now -- let's get to the round-up!

April 2014 was a very productive period with 19 published walkthroughs, which are the following:

Xbox 360 Retail - 8

Disney's Bolt Walkthrough - UncouthTruth
History: Legends of War Patton Walkthrough - CRAZE KILER
FIFA 11 Walkthrough - MC0REBE
Halo: Reach Walkthrough - LifeExpectancy
MotoGP 14 Walkthrough - Saluki 00
Superman Returns Walkthrough - REJECt444
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Walkthrough - BulgyDragonZord
Vanquish Walkthrough - MugenKairo

Xbox Live Arcade - 1

Toy Soldier: Cold War Walkthrough - wagnerasa

Xbox One - 4

Riptide GP2 Walkthrough - REJECt444
Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough - drub4n
Tetris Ultimate Walkthrough - Boldewin
The Escapists Walkthrough - REJECt444

Xbox One App - 1

Discover Languages Walkthrough - Mtld

Windows 8 - 1

Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Win 8) Walkthrough - MC0REBE

Windows Phone - 1

Battlewagon (WP) Walkthrough - Vr English

Ported Walkthroughs - 3

Dead Space 2 (GER Ver) Walkthrough - Le Lone Wolf
Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP) Walkthrough - MC0REBE
Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox 360) Walkthrough - Dang3R Gaming

I'd like to reflect and congratulate the owners of these walkthroughs, but the editors involved are also very important to get walkthroughs up to standards. In this case, we'd like to thank matdan12 for his work in the Halo: Reach WT, VisciousSquare for his notes in the FIFA 11 WT and every one else that have been involved with a walkthrough in the past month.

As always, if you wish to help with the community then please volunteer to help us! You can either port existing walkthroughs, continue to work on an abandoned one or request one that hasn't been created yet! If you try to pull an April Fools on us, make sure it doesn't backfire wink.

Hopefully next time, I'll be able to continue to be the bearer of great news! Until next time wave!

MC0REBE, Walkthrough Manager