Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition [CONFIRMED]

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
EA have today confirmed the rumours, announcing all the details of the Collector's Edition of the game. Along with the game itself, the CE includes:
• Replica of Isaac's Plasma Cutter with working LED lights
• Downloadable Unitology Suit and Force Gun
• Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack
• Concept art lithograph

EA also confirmed that if you pre-order the Collector's Edition, you will also receive a free code for "today."

To see photos of each of the items in the Collector's Edition, head on over to Dead Space 2's Facebook page.

Original story:
We all love a leaked listing on the internet, and this time it's Amazon who have purportedly leaked information on a Dead Space 2: Collector's Edition ahead of time.

The image shown below, was screen grabbed by a user on N4G. The news trickled out across the internet leading the alleged listing on Amazon to be swiftly removed.

External image

Of course, with the alleged Amazon listing taken down, and no word from EA on any form of a collector's edition, it's not at all possible to verify this any further.

However, it's a lovely looking set which would appear to feature a copy of the game, a replica Plasma Cutter, an exclusive (artwork?) booklet, CD/DVD (possibly a soundtrack or making of?), and concept art for the title all bundled up in a storage box.

Let's hope this rumour is revealed to be true by EA. If so, we can probably expect word on this in the coming weeks Dead Space 2 is scheduled to launch January 25th (US), January 27th (AU), January 28th (EU) and is simply scheduled as January (JP).
Credit for this story goes to NbD o ReFLeeXzZ