The Visual Evolution of Final Fantasy

By Ben Crouch, 2 years ago
Final Fantasy is a beloved RPG franchise that spans countless games across multiple platforms and generations. Most people don't question that the series had been known for its graphical fidelity and huge fantasy worlds to explore and get lost in, but have you ever stopped to wonder where all these ideas originated from?

Yusuke Naora, the man behind such recent Final Fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV decided to visit SMU guildhall to speak with students and other game developers to share some of his insight and insipration in making these games. Yusuke has been a video game art director with Square Enix for over 23 years, and some of his latest magic can be seen if you played the demo that came with Final Fantasy Type 0, titled Episode Duscae.

For those interested, here is a small recap of what these lucky people got to experience.

As of now, his latest work on the game Final Fantasy XV is still without a release date.
Ben Crouch
Written by Ben Crouch
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