Gigantic Announced for Xbox One and Windows 10

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Game developer Motiga has partnered with Microsoft and will be bringing their upcoming free-to-play, five-on-five, third person title Gigantic to both Xbox One and Windows 10.

The title is inspired by popular "MOBA" titles (multiplayer online battle arena) with a heavy drop of influence from third-person shooters. Two teams must try to either kill or protect "huge guardian creatures", with the successful team likely to come from strong teamwork, quick and efficient decision making, map control, solid tactics, and map knowledge.

Each team will be built up from a range of different characters that will have different roles they can play to suit various play styles. Snipers, brawlers, support characters, and characters that have various roles are available from which their preferred player can choose. The action aims to be fast-paced and contains the "customization and levelling of an RPG".

For those who may be planning on setting up with both systems, the title will allow for players to go back and forth between the two as your progression in-game and any purchases will always be available to the player. If you're playing on your Xbox One and fancy squaring off against the deadliness that can be PC players with their mouse and keyboard, go right ahead as matches can be mixed with players from both systems. Gamers can also opt out of this option too if they don't fancy it.

Plenty more details have been revealed on the game thanks to Xbox Wire who recently sat down with Motiga's Vice President or Product Development and Creative Director James Phinney for a good natter about all things Gigantic related. As you can imagine, the interview is pretty lengthy so please open up the spoiler to check it out:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The announcement trailer for the title showcases plenty of different characters included in the title as well as the impressive environment within which players will be engaging in battle.

For those who may not be able to view the trailer, we have a heavy serving of screens to share that showcase the same content included in the trailer. Characters, weapons, deserts, cactuses, robots and plenty more are stuffed into these screens. Scroll down slowly and enjoy:

Gigantic Screens 01

Gigantic Screens 02

Gigantic Screens 3

Gigantic Screens 4

Gigantic Screens 5

Gigantic Screens 6

Gigantic Screens 7

Gigantic Screens 8

Gigantic Screens 9

Gigantic Screens 10

Gigantic Screens 11

Gigantic Screens 12

Gigantic Screens 13

Gigantic Screens 14

Gigantic Screens 15

Gigantic Screens 16

Gigantic Screens 17

Gigantic Screens 18

Gigantic Screens 19

Gigantic Screens 20

Gigantic Screens 21

Gigantic Screens 22

Gigantic Screens 23

Gigantic Screens 24

Gigantic Screens 25

Gigantic Screens 26

Gigantic Screens 27

Gigantic Screens 28

Gigantic Screens 29

Lastly, we have two videos to check out that combine for just over two hours of viewing time! Part one takes us to the GoGigantic offices and features the team's CEO, VP of publishing and Lead of communications as the guys talk all things Gigantic:

Part two continues with all things Gigantic as this time around an interview takes place with Chris Chung, David Reid and Troy Hewitt as well as a "Lore preview" with David Noonan:

Gigantic will be making its way to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime this year.

We've got the full list of Gigantic achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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