Go Inside My Radio With New Screens

By Jack Watling, 2 years ago
When Seaven Studios revealed that their platformer Inside My Radio was going to be out "when it was done", they weren't kidding. Nearly a year after the first announcement, the game was briefly seen as part of ID@Xbox's showing at GDC before a handful of screens were released earlier this month. Now, with the game celebrating its launch on Steam, several new screens and a launch trailer have been released.

Inside My Radio 5/12/15 Screen 4

Inside My Radio 5/12/15 Screen 3

Inside My Radio 5/12/15 Screen 2

Inside My Radio 5/12/15 Screen 1

There are still no details about release date or pricing for the Xbox One edition of the game. If the Steam release can be used as a guide, however, the game should be well on its way and will cost $14.99 or regional equivalent.
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
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