Assassin's Creed Syndicate Revealed

By Rebecca Smith, 3 years ago
Recently, Ubisoft hasn't been able to keep a lid on leaks about the Assassin's Creed franchise. Their latest title isn't an exception. Since December, rumours had been circulating about a title called Assassin's Creed Victory that featured an assassin during the Industrial Revolution. Well, those rumours were both right and wrong. Ubisoft chose today to reveal the newest title in the franchise, which is actually called Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

Box Art

If you want to watch the reveal in its entirety, take a look at the following video. If you can't do that, don't worry because we have all of the details for you below.

The first Industrial Revolution saw manufacture move away from traditional hand-made methods to more-efficient machine production. Water, coal and steam were used to power these machines, leading to a lot of inner-city pollution. Population began to increase and a lot of people migrated to cities that were the only source of employment. While some people saw their income and quality of life increase, for many it got considerably worse.

Piccadilly Circus Artwork

River Density Artwork

Train Yard Artwork

In Syndicate, players are taken to seven boroughs of London, a city that is in the grip of the second Industrial Revolution in 1868. In this revolution, technology progressed even further. Steam was used for transport and a huge number of railroads were built. Steel, petrol, chemicals and electricity all became more prominent and new technologies were developed. However, money became the factor that ruled the country. The rich became richer, while the poor were treated like slaves and usually died young despite progression in medicine. The lower classes are uniting together in syndicates, otherwise known as street gangs, in an effort to survive and to try to change their lives. From the ashes of an old Brotherhood comes an assassin that wants a future for everyone. Together they will rise against those who those who only seek to use the Revolution for their own benefit.

Dark and Stormy London

Thames River

Jacob Frye is that assassin. He was born in 1847 and was raised as an assassin with a hands-on, head-on approach to any situation. He is brash, brutal and confrontational, always looking for his next thrill. He is assisted by his own syndicate: The Rooks.

Jacob Initiate Artwork

Gang Leader

His twin sister Evie will be guiding Jacob through his missions and London itself. She has a much more calculated and rational personality. Let's take a look at Jacob and his weapons in this next trailer.

Notably, Ubisoft Quebec is holding the development reins for Syndicate as they try to put their own stamp on the game. One of the things that has changed is the pace of combat. Combat is quicker and is close-ranged to fit in with the street brawls that would have happened in the Victorian era. People were no longer able to walk down the streets with a sword by their side. This was an era where fists and knives were most prominent. As seen in the Jacob trailer, he will have a new array of weapons at his disposal. There is the Kukri, a curved blade that can be used as a small sword but can also be thrown. Brass knuckles will enable Jacob to pack a more powerful punch. His six-shooter Revolver takes care of long-ranged kills (or spectacular finishing moves), while his Assassin Gauntlet hides hallucinogenic darts, a rope launcher and, of course, his hidden blade.

Bracer Artwork

Bracer Kill

Combat Kukri

Combat Punch

Stealth mode can now be activated with the push of a button. The aforementioned rope launcher is important for players to be able to traverse the city stealthily without being seen. You can grapple the top of a building for an ascent that lasts mere seconds, or set up a zipline between two rooftops. Meanwhile, the returning Eagle vision helps to locate allies, enemies and hiding places, as well as the new environmental traps that can be used to kill, such as beer barrels that can be brought crashing down onto the heads of unsuspecting enemies.


Navigation Rope Launcher

Stealth Corner Kill

Stealth Environmental Assassination

London has a new traffic system with fast-paced vehicles. Players can parkour across these vehicles to escape or to chase their targets. Horse-drawn carriages can be hijacked by players to allow for faster travel across the city. Alternatively, you can also use them for street races, hiding places or for running people (and objects) over. Apparently, steamboats on the River Thames and steam trains are also available for nefarious usage.

Cart Race

Navigation Vehicles

All of these new features can be seen in action during the first gameplay footage from the title as Jacob takes over a borough stronghold from the rule of a Templar-run street gang:

As well as freeing enemy strongholds and completing missions, the comprehensive single-player experience will offer a wide range of other activities, such as robbing trains and rescuing child labourers. Take a look at the game's trailer:

In development for two years, the game is nearing release and will be coming to Xbox One later this year. Players will have five editions of the title from which to choose. All pre-orders, regardless of which edition is ordered, will include the "Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy Mission":

Embark on two pulse-quickening missions that will take you into the inner sanctums of London’s most influential men. Defend Charles Darwin’s discoveries from those who would kill to silence him. And help a friend of legendary writer Charles Dickens keep a secret that could get him killed.
As well as the Standard Edition (RRP £49.99 or regional equivalent), players can opt for the Gold Edition (RRP £69.99 or regional equivalent) that contains the game, the Season Pass and the exclusive Baker Street Outfit. Then there is The Rooks Edition (RRP £59.99 or regional equivalent) that contains the following:

The Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate Rooks Edition, named after Jacob’s gang, is a testimony of the outlaw’s life shaped by robberies and murder. In addition to the game, this edition contains a collector’s box, an art book, a double sided London Map and the game soundtrack. You will also get access to 2 single player missions for an extra hour of gameplay!
The Rooks Edition

Then there is the Charing Cross Edition (RRP £74.99 or regional equivalent) that contains the following:

Explore Charing Cross Station – probably one of the most iconic stations of the Victorian’s era with The Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate Charing Cross Edition. In addition to the game, this edition contains an exclusive collector’s box, the Jacob Cross-Road Figurine, an art book, a double-sided London Map and the game soundtrack. You will also get access to 2 single player missions for an extra hour of gameplay!
Charing Cross Edition

Finally, there is the Big Ben Collector's Case (RRP £114.99 or regional equivalent) that contains the following and is only available through the uPlay shop:

The exclusive and prestigious Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate Big Ben Collector’s Case is the definitive collection for the ultimate fan. This premium case includes an exclusive collector’s box, the Jacob’s Machinery Figurine, an art book, a double-sided London Map, the game soundtrack, a lithography chosen by the fans who pre-order, an exclusive FuturPak™ and an exclusive premium hip flask. At launch, you will get access to 2 single player missions for an extra hour of gameplay! In addition, the Season Pass will also be included so you will not miss any of the upcoming digital content.
Big Ben Edition

Assassin's Creed Syndicate comes to Xbox One on October 23rd.

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