Warframe Tubeman of Regor Update Detailed

By Ellis Spice, 2 years ago
Warframe developers Digital Extremes have detailed the next update set to arrive for the Xbox One space-based MMO, entitled 'Tubeman of Regor'. This new update expands the Solar System even further in game, bringing in new weapons, game modes, maps and more, as detailed below:

New Tileset
Explore the Sealab, hidden away in Uranus' vast ocean of helium, methane and ammonia.

New Weapons
Boltace - An intimidating Tonfa set designed to match the design of the Boltor.
Daikyu - It takes great strength to draw back, but provides added power and range.
Atomos - This particle cannon generates condensed beams of super-heated plasma designed to melt rock to ore, and enemies to molten slag.

Conclaves Expansion
New Game Modes: Players can work with fellow Tenno to shut down the enemy team in Team Annihilation, capturing Oro dropped from each player kill to earn points toward victory, or work against seven other Tenno in a deathmatch free-for-all in Annihilation.
New Mods: New PvP Augment Mods are available for Valkyr Hysteria, Ember Fireblast and Oberon Reckoning.
New Maps: Canyon Settlement, Freight Line, Navigation Array and Docking Bay have been added to the Conclave Map rotation.

New Trials
Nightmare Trials are challenging encounters designed for experienced groups of Tenno looking for a new challenge. Harder hitting enemies, new traps and tweaks to each of the existing encounters in the Trials of Vay Hek push a squad's coordination to the limit.

New Customizations
Caggro Sugatra - Expressing the martial finesse and skill of its master, the Strekk Sugatra is based on a Grineer design.
Adventus Arrow Skin Collection - A collection of unique arrow skins compatible with any bow. Includes the Cattaril, Sylus and Meer Arrow Skins. Each Skin is also available separately for purchase.
Along with the above bundle of details Digital Extremes released for this update, a set of screenshots and a couple of trailers have also been unveiled, giving us a sneak peek at what'll arrive on the Xbox One sometime soon:

Tubeman of Regor

Tubeman of Regor Screen 1

Tubeman of Regor Screen 2

Tubeman of Regor Screen 3

Tubeman of Regor Screen 4

Tubeman of Regor Screen 5

Tubeman of Regor Screen 6

Tubeman of Regor Screen 7

Tubeman of Regor Screen 8

Tubeman of Regor Screen 9

Tubeman of Regor Screen 10

Tubeman of Regor Screen 11

The update is live now for PC players, with the Xbox One version of Warframe set to receive the 'Tubeman of Regor' update sometime in the 'coming weeks'.
Ellis Spice
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