Warframe Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks Detailed

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
It's time to clear your schedule and forget any other games you may be currently working on for a couple of weeks as Digital Extremes, the developers behind Warframe, have announced a two week long event - the Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks. The Warframe community will have plenty to take part in during the two weeks with a variety of activities to check out.

Players, or "Tenno" as they are supposed to be called, will be able to log in to the title and receive a free Kubrow Starter Kit. This kit will allow for players to raise their very own furry friend! Here's more details on the Kubrow:

The Kubrow are a canine-like egg-laying species that first served as companions and pets to the Orokin, and later as fiercely loyal guard animals for Orokin elite. Players who participate in the Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks also receive a Kubrow gene mixing kit for breeding and can play a special 4-day Tactical Alert with a prized Wraith weapon as reward (highly coveted among Tenno).

Players should also keep an eye out for additional surprises, including a community event involving the newly reared Kubrow, character-building Double Resource, Affinity and Drop Chance days, plus a lucrative Platinum sale and BOGO deals.
Here's a couple of screens to get you in the mood for the two weeks of Warframe madness:

Den of Kubrow Screens 01

Den of Kubrow Screens 2

Along with the screens, we also have a trailer showcasing the Den of Kubrow and what's to come in the two weeks.

The two week celebration in Warframe is live right now! Be sure to keep up with their plans for the fortnight via the Warframe website.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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