Gameloft to Update Many Windows Phone Titles

By Ashley Woodcock,
Gameloft has published and developed many titles for the Windows Phone platform, both with and without achievements included. Gameloft's own, Gameloft Ryan, broke some exciting news to Windows Central, during their recent Order & Chaos Online (WP) Twitch broadcast, that the Gameloft team will be updating even more of their already released Windows games with Xbox LIVE status.

Gameloft update screens 7

Windows Central received exclusive details on the upgrades to come but also has information on title updates inbound for three of Gameloft's titles. Each title has its own list of features to come with each update but will also contain "bug fixes and performance tweaks" as well. Only two of the three titles are relevant to our achievement hunting community so Ice Age Adventures' patch details will be given a miss here.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP)

Gameloft Update Screens 01

This sizable update will bring updates 14, 15, and 16 from other versions to Windows platforms at last. New features include:

• New character: Jerry, with an ability to use Power-Ups longer than other Minions
• New character: Carl, who has a faster running speed from the start
• New environments & mini-games like Eduardo's House & the BMX mini-game
• Complete sub-objectives for each Milestone to earn Perks or Tokens
Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft Update Screens 02

This title is not yet Xbox LIVE enabled but is planned to have achievements added to it. The title is also switching to free-to-play, so as it stands at the minute, those who may be thinking of purchasing the title for an achievement unlocking warm up, may want to hang fire until it's free.

The switch to free-to-play

• The all-new Support class
• Brand new weapon class, the Light Machine Gun (LMG), for the Support class
• 6th weapon tier for all weapon classes
• New multiplayer mode: Zone Control
• Two beloved multiplayer maps from Modern Combat 3 & 4: Overtime & Scramble
• Map voting between matches
• Multiplayer leagues for solo & squad battles
• New Area of Effect skill for each soldier class
• Increased level cap for Solider classes from 100 to 120
Now, for the titles that will see the addition of the drug that can be, Xbox LIVE achievements! Any progress or purchases made in the covered titles will carry over, so hopefully, if the requirements of the new achievements have already been met, we could be seeing a lot of instant unlocking!

Age of Sparta

Gameloft Update Screens 03

Build up your city's defenses and a huge army to defend Greece. In this competitive city building game, which is very similar to the likes of World at Arms and Kingdoms & Lords, players square off against each other in an RPG format. Rather than trying to find and destroy each others' base, players will simply locate each other and fight it out. Whoever is left standing will be the victorious one.

Download the game for free on Windows Phone and/or Windows 8.

Dragon Mania Legends

Gameloft Update Screens 05

Another city building title, but this time players will be building a city of dragons! Collect, breed, and then train your magical reptiles to fight. With a similar system to that of Age of Sparta, this title aims more towards the younger player as the kids will have loads of fun sending their trained magical reptiles to battle against the invading dragons.

Download the game for free on Windows Phone and/or Windows 8.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Gameloft update screens 06

Lastly, we have Dungeon Hunter 5, "Gameloft's biggest game of the year so far". The title is similar to the Diablo series as players select a character from a range of classes and embark on a campaign full of "monster killing and loot collecting". Here's more details on a new feature for the title:

The big new feature in Dungeon Hunter 5 is its stronghold system, which basically adds Clash of Clans-style PvP raids to the game. Each player can create his or her own dungeon, placing minions and traps to defend it. Raiding other players' strongholds asynchronously works like Cloud Raiders and similar games, except you'll directly control your character and fight through it like a dungeon. The final portion of a raid ends with you battling an AI version of the player who created the stronghold.
Download the game for free on Windows Phone and/or Windows 8.

Gameloft is expecting the updates to go live "in June or as late as July". We'll be sure to keep you informed of more specific release dates when they become available.
Ashley Woodcock
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