Guwange Brings Bullet Hell Back to XBLA on Nov. 10

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Way back in the forgotten past of July, I reported that CAVE was bringing Guwange to the XBLA. Now we finally have a release date for the only game on the XBLA to feature a giant stone baby head as a boss: November 10th with a price of 800 MSP.

Considering my birthday is on November 8th, I would like to thank CAVE for getting me a slightly late present. Thankfully, given the success of CAVE's retail shooter Deathsmiles and the high praise for Microsoft coming from CAVE, we can expect to continue seeing worldwide releases from CAVE's catalog of Bullet Hell SHMUP's.

So long as not all of them have a giant stone baby head boss, I will be happy.

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