Battlefield 4 Getting Free Content With Next Patch

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
Far removed from its shaky release, Battlefield 4 continues to receive attention despite the release of Hardline. For players still sticking with the military over the police force, a slew of new weapons, game modes, and tweaks to gameplay are on their way in this month's patch.

Promising to be more specific as the patch is closer to release, DICE has teased new weapons of five varieties -- assault rifle, carbine, PDW, sidearm, and an LMG. Some are returning guns to the series while others are making their first appearances. In addition to those new guns, DICE is affecting how they behave with tweaks to recoil, damage, and the suppression model of all the game's weaponry. Some players will be happy to know this includes bringing back the two bullet headshot.

Dragon's Teeth Screen 01

Gun Master mode is also due back with the update. Popularized with BF3 DLC, the mode has players continuously climbing a ladder of weapons til the first person to get a kill with the last of the weapons is declared victorious. New additions to this game mode are coming too, with five different ways to play it. Standard contains the many classes of firearms the game has to offer, but then there are also other variants like Classic, Pistols only, DLC guns only, and "Troll" mode, featuring what DICE calls "silly" weapons, starting with ballistic shields.

For the full list of gameplay tweaks, check back in the coming week or so. DICE plans to detail the full range of updates then ahead of the patch's late May arrival date.
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