The Walkthrough Team Is Recruiting!

By MC0REBE, 2 years ago
Hey TA'ers!

We've recently lost some members of the Walkthrough Team due to off-site commitments, so we are looking to replace those guys with some enthusiastic gamers who can work well within our team!

As well as managing the walkthrough process, your main task will be proofreading and offering support to our writers. Naturally, having a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary is a requirement as there are some non-native English speakers creating detailed walkthroughs.

If you are interested in joining the team, please apply by sending answers to the following questions to me via a Private Message:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?

2) What languages can you write/speak and are you fluent in the English language?

3) How much time would you be able to spend on our team during the week on average?

4) How many times in an average week do you check your messages and threads?

5) What is your motivation to join the walkthrough team?

6) How would you work to check spelling and/or grammar mistakes?

7) What methods would you use to discover content that is plagiarised from other sources?

8) Have you applied for other teams on TA or have you been active as a staff member before?

9) How would you feel about proofreading a walkthrough for a game that you have yet to play or finish?

10) Do you feel that you could correctly determine that information given is correct about a game that you have played?

11) Have you been involved with any walkthroughs on TA in the past?

12) Are there any suggestions you think that may be worth it to look into?

13) How do you feel about working in a team and what is your stance about the communication within?

14) One of the main tools we are currently using are the Google Docs to make sure we keep track of our assigned writers. Do you have a Google account, or would you have problems creating one? How would you judge your knowledge of Excel and/or Google Spreadsheets?

15) Proofread the following section:
When starting the game make sure to set you're dificulty to the easyest setting. Whilst this will make the game boring to play, i personally feel that it is will make the achievements more easier to obtain. it must also be noted that the servers for game has been closed down, meaning that the achievements are now unobtainable.
We are also discussing several changes to the walkthrough process for both staff and writers, so anyone with ideas on that front are more than welcome to apply.

The closing date for applications is the 31st of May - good luck to everyone that applies!

MC0REBE, Walkthrough Manager
Daffadillon, Walkthrough Assistant Manager
Mystic Typh00n, Walkthrough Assistant Manager