Friend List to Cap At 1,000 Friends [UPDATED]

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Update: Major Nelson has updated us on this potential slip. Coming directly from his Twitter:
Let me straighten things out: We will not be expanding the friends list as a part of the next Xbox LIVE Update.
There you have it folks, nothing to look at. Move along.

Original Story: This story originates from Microsoft's Xbox German Facebook page stating that the friend list's cap will be moved from 100 people to 1,000 people. That's an exponential increase, my friends! The posting has since been pulled down from the Facebook posting, but the good people over at the NeoGAF forums had the quote saved:

A long-term by many Xbox Live users desired change was the limit of 100 friends. With the update you can now up to 1,000 friends of your friends list. How many friends do you have? Not enough? Then you looking for new friends on the Finder tab!
Microsoft has yet to confirm the potential leak, so this will be chalked up as a rumor until the Newshounds can receive confirmation on the matter.

Since we are discussing rumors pertaining to the new dashboard update, November 4th is the date floating around the rumor mills as when the update will be released into the wild. This date is also circled for pessimists over the Ghostbusters patch announced back in the summer.