More Details for Ark: Survival Evolved

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
We recently brought you the announcement that ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox One. For those of you that were waiting for more information about this upcoming open-world dino-survival game, Xbox Wire has revealed some additional information via a Q&A with Jesse Rapczak of Studio Wildcard.

For those of you that have ever played on a PvP server in an MMO, the first question touches on that same sense of tension and risk-reward. When asked about taming dinosaurs to use as mounts in the game, Jesse hints that part of the risk isn't just other predatory lizards, but other players that may catch you in the act of attempting to tame your beast. The reward, of course, is the ability to use your beast - and all of its relevant attributes - to traverse the game, build, fight, protect your own structures, and other things.

Speaking of building things, according to Jesse there is a lot of freedom to build where you wish, and despite a rather simple building mechanic, structures are quite complex once assembled, gaining properties related to load-bearing supports that can compromise your building if destroyed, among other intricacies.

Being billed as a 'survival' game in a sense, the obvious need-to-know is how resource management will work. Walking around with an endless supply of healing herbs wouldn't lend much tension to the the game. Mr. Rapczak assures us that this mechanic is just as involved as any other, where your needs progress as your footprint within the game world enlarges. A loner with a single dino-ride tamed for his uses isn't going to need nearly as much in the way of reliable resources as, say, the founder of a large warrior tribe bent on expanding their island territory and taming the most fearsome of the cold-blooded inhabitants.

As for that survival component, don't expect your only worries to come in the scaly variety. Jesse confirms that while dinos are their own breed of terror, other players can be equally, and sometimes more, dangerous. Then there's the potential threat of a player who has tamed himself one of the larger and more dangerous reptiles. That's where the end-game survival gameplay kicks in. But the end-game isn't just about survival. We're told that unlike many entries into the PvP-survival games' emerging genre, Ark will have in-game content related to the player's interaction with the game world too, not just the player's struggle to survive, including rare items and other things players might expect in a persistent-world game. The means to obtain these won't just be large groups of allies either, so for those of you that might want to take a more sly approach to ill-gotten gains, that option is there as well.

A release date still isn't set, so we're still expecting an early 2016 release for Ark: Survival Evolved. We'll continue to keep you informed of any new information on this latest take on staying alive.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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