Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC Info

By Ben Crouch, 2 years ago
For those eagerly awaiting more ways to enjoy the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer, you'll be glad to know some details have been released for the game's first DLC pack titled 'Criminal Activity'.

Taken straight from here is a brief summary of what the new DLC will be all about.

There’s been a recent uptick in reports in the local precincts – a rash of violent crime that is seemingly connected somehow

Detectives have uncovered evidence of a secret crime ring that could be behind all of this activity. They’re not sure why anyone would coordinate these goals – in a number of cases, the take seems to be smaller than the risk. But, orders have come down the chain to find out what’s going on and put a stop to it. Will you help the police?
For those interested in the new toys and gadgets you'll be able to wreck havoc with, here's the overview list.

Four fast-paced new maps – Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday
Two new rides
Two new ammunition types for specific weapons
A new gadget
Three new weapons
A nailgun battlepickup
New Bounty Hunter game mode
Six new masks: two animal masks, and four new police headgear options
There is no current release date, but the DLC will have early access and it's scheduled for June. We'll update you when we learn more!
Ben Crouch
Written by Ben Crouch
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