WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011's New Trailer

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Hot on the news of a new paid DLC structure system, you can now take a look at a chunk of new video footage from THQ detailing WWE Smackdown v Raw: 2011's popular 'Road to Wrestlemania' mode.

There are some changes to the mode this year as THQ explain in their accompanying press release:

Along the way, players will form alliances or make enemies backstage that impact the Road to WrestleMania journey. They can choose to play as one of five different WWE Superstars and experience their unique stories like never before. In addition, they will solve puzzles, complete challenges, uncover hidden items and unlock both WWE Superstars and historic WWE Legends of the past. There is always a twist in the story, and it’s all up to your decisions.
As long as the 'twist' isn't as galling as any of those featured in the TV show 'LOST' then I think we'll all be just fine at keeping up with the plot. THQ promise that this time the players decision making and choices will be more consequential in the game, likening the progression to that of an RPG title:

Throughout a WWE Superstar’s Road to WrestleMania, players are given multiple choices that will affect the “road” they take to the top. In an RPG-like fashion, players are given “Superstar Points” from matches they play. Players must spend these points in the training room to boost their attribute ratings, meaning the desire to max out all ratings is not an option. Players must choose which attributes they upgrade depending on their chosen WWE Superstar and playing style.
The main protagonists you may opt to have control over are:

- Undertaker
- Christian
- Chris Jericho
- Rey Mysterio
- John Cena

You'll be able to experience the fun of fighting lycra clad men from October 26th (US), October 28th (AU) and October 29th (EU).