F1 2015 Release Suffers Delay

By Keith Gray, 2 years ago
Earlier this year, F1 2015 was confirmed as the latest iteration in Codemasters' racing simulation franchise. The developer revealed that the title would arrive earlier than had been the case in previous years, as well as making its first appearance on the Xbox One.

Originally slated to make its Xbox One debut on June 12th, the game will now be pushed back to July 10th. As yet, there is no further information to explain why the delay has occurred. However, the first gameplay trailer and some more screenshots have been unveiled to help make sure that fans don't feel like a driver who has punctured a tyre on the home straight.

F1 2015_X1_1

F1 2015_X1_2

F1 2015_X1_3

F1 2015_X1_4

F1 2015_X1_5

F1 2015_X1_6

F1 2015_X1_7

F1 2015_X1_8

We'll be sure to provide further updates on F1 2015 when they are made available.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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