New Screenshots for The Technomancer

By Fierce, 2 years ago
It has been over a month since the announcement was made from Spiders Games that they will be releasing a new RPG title called, The Technomancer. Set during a post-apocalyptic future on a strained and war torn Mars, we now receive new screenshot images from the "free city" of Noctis.

A city that once isolated itself during what was called, the War of Water, Noctis remains one of the last strongholds on the red planet and is the home to many bandits, pillagers, and dangerous creatures that will likely put you in your place and test your cyberpunk, warrior skills.

TM Noctis

TM Noctis 2

TM Noctis 3

The Technomancer will be presented at this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles and as such, further details and information about the upcoming title are likely to come in. Though no specific date has been set, a release on Xbox One is slated for 2016.
Written by Fierce
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