Scanner Update Clarification

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Hi all

I am still getting 20 or so messages a day and several threads in the forums asking why people aren't getting scanned as regularly as they used to, or indeed not at all in the last week, so I thought I should make a news post to clarify the situation.

When the site went down and we lost some data, most of that data was the record of people's achievement wins and game scores. This amounted to around 50 million records of achievements.

As you can imagine scanning these back in is taking a considerable amount of time. I have managed to recover some of the achievement data which I am also integrating at the same time. This has led to records of some gamers' achievements being slightly out of whack with the game records which inflated some of the TA ratios a bit. I'm expecting that to be normalized over the next 3 days as the re-insertion of data gets finished.

Once that's all done, the scanners should be almost back to normal. In the mean time please use the force scan button - it looks like a refresh icon and it's under your gamerpic on your page. If you don't use this it's possible you won't be scanned automatically for several days.

In better news, I have now got the new server. Unfortunately I'm going to have to take the site down for an hour or so next Sunday (24th) in order to get this connected up to the other 2. After that is done I'll set everything up and there will be some more down time later in the week when I switch the database over to the new server.

More info soon....
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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