The Game Information Team Is Recruiting!

By Jack Watling, 2 years ago
Hey TA'ers!

You've probably seen the recent recruitment drives from the Walkthrough and Moderation Teams, but if none of these have appealed to you, maybe the Game Information Team will! We're looking for several enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to join our ranks.

The Game Information Team is one of the core teams on the site and responsible for maintaining pretty much all aspects of game information, which is a HUGE task. This includes things like:
- Creating pre-release pages for games that are yet to release
- Adding information to all games and DLC packs that scan to the site
- Adding and maintaining sales and pricing information
- Adding and editing achievement flags
- ... and the list goes on
- ... and on
- ... and on
The work we do is very important for the site, although as I mentioned earlier there's A LOT of it and it can be a bit repetitive at times. However if you're not phased by these factors and you work well with others then feel free to send me, WebChimp UK, a PM with answers to the questions listed below.

1) What's your name (or gamertag if you'd prefer), how old are you, and where are you from?

2) Is English your first language? Do you read or speak any others?

3) Are you a student, working professional, unemployed, etc?

4) What kind of games do you enjoy? What are your interests outside of gaming and TrueAchievements?

5) How much time do you have available a week?

6) With respect to the above, how much would you be willing to give the GI team? One or two hours a day? 10 hours a week?

7) What interests you about the Game Information team?

8) Have you worked in a team before? What does it mean to you to be part of a team?

9) Have you ever "Peer Reviewed" work before? What do you understand by this term?

10) Why should we pick you for the team? Do you have any strengths or weaknesses?
The deadline for applications is the 19th June 2015. After this we'll be reviewing your answers within the Game Information Team to see if we think you would be a good fit, and I'll let you know if you've been successful or unsuccessful shortly after this.

Good luck! toast

WebChimp UK
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
Jack is the TrueAchievements Game Information Manager and has been a Newshound since 2015. Outside of TA he's a full-time developer for the TrueGaming Network (TA, TT, GC, ...) with a passion for... computer games and programming!