Happy Wars Gets Title Update 22

By Keith Gray, 2 years ago
In April, Microsoft confirmed that a major new update was soon to be released for Happy Wars (Xbox 360).

The publisher has today revealed more information about what changes are included within the latest update for the free-to-play title. Among the enhancements, the game's tutorial has been adjusted to allow gamers to get up to speed with the action more quickly. Meanwhile, the coop modes have also had an overhaul to ensure that there is always a plentiful supply of enemy teams around, with the occasional Unique Boss.

Many other bug fixes and alterations have been made and these are as follows:
- Balance Tuning for Skills and Buffs
- Addition of the New “Buff Gem” Item
- “Happy Chance!” Joins Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition
- Locked Treasure Boxes Appear in the Treasure Map (Buff Gems can be acquired)
- The New Support Item “Magic Key” Is Now in the Item Shop
- Happy Cards Has a "New Item" Filter
- Happy Cards Limited Edition Now Features a “Hand-Picked Items” Filter
- Fixed the Bug that initialized the saved data under certain circumstances in Split-Screen Mode on Xbox One
- Fixed the bug allowing equipment of a weapon in the Warrior’s left hand (position normally for shields)
- Updated the order of the stages in Multiplayer Stages Selection
- Buff Bank mode in the Collections tab is now called “Buff Encyclopedia” mode
- The name of the buff list within Item Remodeling mode is now called the “Buff Bank”
- Assorted other bug fixes
You'll notice that one of the specific fixes actually relates to the Xbox One version of Happy Wars after it was released was released on April 24th.

Microsoft has confirmed that this title update has been released today.
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