Seventeen Kinect Titles Available At Launch

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Major Nelson has posted on his blog detailing the full and complete list of seventeen titles that will be available at launch for Kinect. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

1. Kinect Adventures - Bundled with every Kinect unit, we've all established by now this is a mini-game collection aimed at introducing you to the world of controller free gaming.

2. Kinectimals - Use your hands to interact with your own Kinectimal (and no it's not a euphemism) or use Kinect's voice input to shout encouragement to them. The collector’s editions of “Kinectimals” are "packaged with a 7” plush toy that unlocks a new animal and toy in the game". This will be available at select retailers. (RRP around $39.99 (USD))

3. Game Party: In Motion - A strong focus on multi-player here with up to sixteen players competing in Tournament Mode. Compete in, "Ping Cup, Hoop Shoot, Table Hockey, Darts, Puck Bowling, Horseshoe Hysteria, Pool Hall Party, Root Beer Tapper, and Double Racquets AND MORE". (RRP around $39.99 (USD))

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Whip out your wand and brandish it like never before (steady now). Boasting 'more action' than any previous Potter title, the game engine has been rebuilt for HD gaming and Kinect. (RRP around $49.95 (USD))

5. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - A bit of a self explanatory one. Get that flabby backside of yours off the sofa and partake in some Kinect exercise. Yes, you, chubby. (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

6. Dance Central - The dancers amongst us seem to be being spoiled with Kinect as another move buster will be available to you guys. Match the moves and break a sweat (though hopefully nothing in you're living room). (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

7. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout - Yes that is the actual title. That's not my interpretation of the game. You'll be able to exercise (just in case you hadn't passed out already), but will also be able to "customize your diet with 50 new, healthy recipes and track your caloric intake to see if you are on track". Oh boy... (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

8. Dancemasters - Seeing as there were no dance games available for Kinect at launch, Konami spied a gap in the market and created this unique title. Wait, wasn't there a Dance Central? (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

9. EA Sports Active 2 - Microsoft said that Kinect could be so much more than simply sports and bland motion titles, but then EA said 'nuts to that' and pumped out this gem. 70+ exercises, a heart rate monitor, and a nine week program. (RRP around $99.95 (USD))

10. Zumba Fitness - For the truly gargantuan gamer there's another fitness game with the quirky prefix of 'Zuma'. Come on tubs, get up! We're not done with you yet! (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

11. Kinect Sports - Offering the usual suspects of football and such, Kinect Sports is the offering from RARE. (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

12. MotionSports - Meanwhile Ubisoft were busy with a sports package too... (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

13. DECA Sports Freedom - Hudson serve up their motion sports title from the Wii with the usual sporting elements of tennis, skiing, dodgeball etc. Is it me, or is the word 'sports' starting to lose all meaning? (RRP around $39.99 (USD))

14. Kinect Joy Ride - And at title fourteen we finally get to something different. The long await Joy Ride will be there at launch allowing you to thrash your avatar around a race track against your friends. A well covered title, we know more or less what to expect here. (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

15. Adrenaline Misfits - Sounds exciting doesn't it? It contains monsters, and 'seven unique fantasty worlds'. Aside from that there's little other information giving in the listing other than the fact the cover depicts monsters on snowboards. (RRP around $39.99 (USD))

16. Fighters Uncaged - A brutal game aimed at the older audience, you partake in illegal fights set in 'dark alleys, or alongside gritty city docks'. (RRP around $49.99 (USD))

17. Sonic Free Riders - And last, but not least, there's our SEGA chum Sonic. He'll be around to let us get our fix of speed and hopefully not inform us how to fix a balanced calorie 'wise' meal and an optional bout of post-dinner yoga. (RRP around $49.95 (USD))