Q.U.B.E. Goes Against The Qlock in New Trailers

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
More media goodness has been released for Toxic Games' upcoming puzzle title Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut, as we get to see the new 'Against The Qlock' time trial mode in action as well as check out some new screens. In this new mode, players can see how they stack up against other players from around the world. Let's check out the seventh speed run level of 'Against The Qlock' in the new trailer right after a quick refresher of what's coming soon in Q.U.B.E..

New screens have also been released continuing to showcase the puzzling situations to come.

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 7

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 01

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 2

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 3

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 4

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 5

Q.U.B.E. D'sC Screens 6

Q.U.B.E. makes its way to the Xbox One sometime this summer.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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