Spy Party Trailer Released

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
PC players have been playing early builds through an early-access program, but as this little-known title Spy Party approaches completion, the developer has released an official This Is Spy Party video on Youtube.

Not much can be gleaned but the basics. First, it seems there will be no more than two players. One player assumes the spy role, attempting to blend in with NPCs while accomplishing rudimentary tasks and not drawing attention to themselves. Player 2 assumes the role of the sniper, their job to determine who the spy is and take them out with a single well-placed shot.

The consequences for the spy are obvious. Failure means death. The consequences for the sniper, however, aren't quite as clear. Check out the trailer below and decide whether you will play as the spy or sniper.

Although Microsoft briefly confirmed the title as an ID@Xbox title back in December 2013, no release date has been given yet. We'll have another debriefing when more info emerges.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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