Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Update Released

By Ellis Spice, 2 years ago
Following on from the player feedback received for Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, Square Enix have released the 'version 2.0' patch for the RPG demo, which they claim may be the first time a demo has been patched or updated. Somewhat detailed in the previous Active Time Report video from the developers, the key features of the update are detailed in the bullet points and trailer below:

• You can now fight the Catoblepas! That’s the big monster in the lake. In version 2.0 one of them comes out of the lake onto land where you can fight it. Be careful though, it apparently takes 20 minutes to defeat with all four characters at level 99 and it can still knock you out in one hit.
• You can now warp out of battle to certain locations.
• There’s a new dodge roll!
• New character interactions (in the field/environment and during camping).
• New team combo attacks using all four party members.
• Additional side quests involving just you/Noctis and one other party member

Additionally, the developers hope to implement the following into the final game following feedback from the player survey:

• You will be able to buy/sell items in bulk.
• Each dropped item has specific uses; for instance, some of the dropped items can be used to customise the car.
• The team is looking into making the BGM and environmental effects richer.
• We will be looking into finding a way to address the issue with the player’s stamina depleting (while sprinting) that was mentioned by many Japanese fans.
The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae version 2.0 update is available now, with no release date having been announced as of yet for Final Fantasy XV.
Ellis Spice
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