Toy Soldiers: War Chest Reveals Four More Armies

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
Signal Studios is taking a slightly different approach to Toy Soldiers: War Chest. This game is stepping away from the real military forces that we've seen in the previous two titles and is heading in a more fantastical direction that could be expected from the toybox of most children. While players can always fight as the more traditional German Empire that is led by the Kaiser, you can also fight as Starbright's star Power army, where you traditional vehicles, troops and equipment are replaced by unicorns, pixies, Pegasus and laser-firing teddy bears.

In a bid to get in before the true chaos of E3, publisher Ubisoft has now revealed the remaining two armies that will be included in the standard edition of the title. The first army is a futuristic troop called the Ghost Company, led by Phantom. They use deadly technology, such as drones, and guerrilla warfare to try and beat their opponents; surprise tactics and heightened mobility will allow them to liberate mankind.

Ghost Company 1

Ghost Company 2

Ghost Company 3

The second army is led by Dark Lord. He commands the Black Dragon army that is made up of men, monsters and, of course, dragons. The Dark Lord uses speed and supernatural powers further his villainous ambitions and overwhelm his enemies.

Dark Lord

As well as the standard edition of the title, the game will also be released as a Hall of Fame edition. "What's the difference?" I hear you ask. Well, in addition to the four armies that are included in the standard edition, players will also be able to take on the roles of four action figures that you may well recognise from your childhood past. Each figure will also come with their own army that is based on the franchise in which the figure is found. Ubisoft has revealed two of those armies with the final two licensed armies to be revealed at a later date.

The first special guest is He-Man and his Masters of the Universe army. Energised by the power of Grayskull and with a reputation as The Most Powerful Man in the Universe to protect, he must use his strength and courage to stop the forces of darkness from overpowering the Eternia toy box. However, He-Man would be nothing without his Battle Cat and the Eterian warriors.

He-Man 1

He-Man 2

He-Man 3

The second special guest is field commander Duke, who has been tasked with leading America’s highly trained special mission force, which you may know better as G.I. Joe. The American spirit run high with these troops as they use more traditional weapons and tactics to defeat the evil forces.

G.I. Joe 1

G.I. Joe 2

G.I. Joe 3

Take a look at the five of the six revealed armies in action. Unfortunately, you only get a fleeting glimpse of G.I. Joe.

Moving away from the specific armies, you may remember a series of developer diaries that were released by Ubisoft that focused on different aspects of the game: heroes, armies, vehicles, waves and the campaign. Well, we missed covering the last video, but you may as well take a look at it now. Here is the game's community manager Jason “Paradise” Kuntz discussing the topic of maps.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is currently pencilled in for a summer release. Will the four special guests be enough to tempt you into the Hall of Fame edition, or will you stick with the standard edition?
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