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By Rich Stone, 2 years ago
Hi TA'ers

It's time for another Friday Site Update!

Whether we like it or not, Downloadable Content for games is becoming more and more prevalent. Previously, it's not been possible to easily see which DLC you own, and which other DLC packs are available for the games you already have.

My DLC page
On your main menu under your Gamer pic, you'll find a new My DLC link which will take you through to the My DLC page.

This page will default to show you the DLC you've got at least one achievement in, sorted by the most recent date you got them.

My DLC Filter and ListMy DLC Filter and List

You filter on various different things, including genre and platform, but also DLC you don't own in games you've played and even All DLC that's been released.

Click on the column headers to sort the DLC packs.

Friends' Packs
Also on this page, you'll see a list of your friends and number of DLC packs they have. Click through to view their packs.
Friends' DLC Packs panel (apostrophe fix incoming)Friends' DLC Packs panel (apostrophe fix incoming)

DLC Completions
We've added a line for DLC Completions to the Completed Games panel on your homepage:

New DLC completions line on Game Complations PanelNew DLC completions line on Game Complations Panel

Clicking through on this filters the DLC packs by the ones that have been completed.

Thanks to everyone that suggested these new features. If you have ideas to improve the site, please post them in the Site Wishlist Forum
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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