Fallout 4 Gameplay Details Revealed

By Marc Caccamise, 2 years ago
Instead of kicking things off with it, Bethesda decided to wait until the end of their conference to show what most people were undoubtedly eagerly waiting for - Fallout 4. After building excitement for the game by revealing it earlier this month, Bethesda did not hold back with showing the game off and providing plenty of details about the next trip to the Wasteland.

Fallout 4 will begin on a "beautiful Saturday morning" before the bombs fall, and the world falls into nuclear devastation. What transpires in the meantime is still a mystery, but the player will eventually emerge 200 years after that fateful day as the sole survivor of Vault 111. Players have the option of playing as either a male or female character, and customization will take place in front of a mirror where you simply click on portions of the character's face and cycle through the desired features. The protagonists are now voiced, noting basic observations around them and in conversations with other characters. Similarly to past games, you'll have the option to play in first-person or third-person perspectives, and engage in combat with V.A.T.S.

There's always been a vast amount of items to loot in the previous games, and that will be the case in Fallout 4 as well with thousands of different items. The main difference this time around is that these items all serve a greater purpose with crafting, so it sounds like no more meaningless junk filling up your inventory. There are over 50 base weapons and 700 modifications that can be crafted using the items you find out in the world. You can even craft modifications for your power armor. The lovable dog from the trailer is your companion in the game, and can come in handy for gathering items, as you're able to command him where to go or what to retrieve and bring to you.

The former junk is also used towards building up settlements across the Wasteland. By scrapping what you don't need, you gain materials that can be used to piece together structures for you and your dog companion. This includes exterior building of the structure itself, and interior construction such as beds, chairs, desks, and other decorations. As your settlement begins to grow, other survivors will begin to show up and settle in the area. When your community expands, you'll need to provide food, water, and even power generators to provide necessities such as light sources and defenses to protect against raiders who will attack. There are many sites throughout the world where you can build up settlements, but the entire feature is completely optional.

The Pip-Boy is now more alive than ever before with small animations accompanying each aspect of the Stats and Weapons screens. Players can also find game tapes out in the world to play mini-games. When Fallout 4 launches, a real-life Pip-Boy can be yours with the Pip-Boy Collector's Edition. It acts essentially as a casing for your smartphone, which will then provide a second screen to scroll through the Pip-Boy's menus. The app will be available on iOS and Android devices and will of course work even if you choose not to grab the Pip-Boy.

Check out some screenshots straight from the conference:
E3 Screens 5

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As numerous store listings have recently suggested, Fallout 4 is indeed scheduled to release in 2015. More specifically, the game is set to arrive on November 10th on the Xbox One. More information about the game is sure to become available during the week, so keep your eyes peeled for more!
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