DOOM E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer

By Peter Stojanov, 2 years ago
The E3 Conference kicks off with id Software busting out on stage with a lot of gameplay from their upcoming next-gen game, DOOM. The new id Tech 6 engine renders many creatures, such as Imps, Revenants, and the Mancubus, beautifully as they are blasted and gnawed to pieces by the protagonist's weapons. A new feature that makes its way to the DOOM series is the ability to fight the creatures with your bare hands, ripping creatures limbs off and shoving them down their throats. We also get a look at the iconic gun from the series at the end of the trailer, and it's big...

We also got a look into the SnapMap, a Forge Mode type gameplay for DOOM that will allow players to create their own maps, game types, and rulings. The multiplayer was also outlined in the conference, in which you will be able to play as human and demon, including that new fancy one we've been seeing constantly. Also, we have a look into the chainsaw in-game as it gnaws at the flesh of demons and tears them apart. This is included with other various weapons such as the double-barrel shotgun.


DOOM has been given a Spring 2016 release for the Xbox One.
Peter Stojanov
Written by Peter Stojanov
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