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By Joseph C, 2 years ago
If you've been following the blood flood of news here on TA, you likely already know about the latest installment in the battle through hell known as DOOM. Well Bethesda has already released more information, and some additional screenshots, for us.

You may not have expected, however, that there is no hiding to regenerate health in the campaign. The enemies are relentless and you don't have a built-in medic to bring you back to tip-top form between foes. You'll see both classic DOOM weapons as well as futuristic ones, combined with a new melee system, and use these tools to put the evil to rest once again.

You'll battle through the depths of hell against hordes of demons, and wreak havok upon your foes in online multiplayer, as one might come to expect from a modern FPS. On the multiplayer front, the DOOM that fans have come to know returns, with fast-paced arena style play. The developers have referred to this combat as a blend of skill, weaponry, upgrades, and vertical movement. Keep that last one in mind, as verticality may make or break your k/d ratio.

New to this entry is DOOM Snapmap, a game and level editor that fans of any skill level can use to create and customize maps, add in both preset and custom gameplay, and tweak game logic to devise your own game modes. No previous knowledge in game design is necessary to use this tool. As with any game editor, it will be interesting to see what the community comes up with.

Check out the screenshots below and prepare to be DOOMed.

Screenshot 1

E3 Screens 1

E3 Screens 2

E3 Screens 3

E3 Screens 5

E3 Screens 6

DOOM is set to take you to hell and back in Spring 2016.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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