Game Room To Get Konami Bundle

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Microsoft announced on the official Game Room Facebook page that they will be testing the waters and putting out some tentative bundles of titles. Here's the announcement:

Bundles? we are getting a lot of content up here and therefore we thought it might be a good idea to test out interest in a bundle release. this will be a test, and therefore a bit limited in scope at first. we are going to start with a 5 game pack and a 15 game pack of Konami games.
You can download the Konami Go bundle for 800MSP (netting you a savings of 400MSP). This pack contains: Shao-Lin's Road, Mega Zone, Time Pilot, Mr Goemon and Gyruss.
Download link

Alternatively, for more games and bigger savings, you have the Konami Tower of ROM! pack priced at 1200MSP (netting you a savings of a whopping 2400MSP). This pack is a little sketchy on details, and the Xbox LIVE Markeplace description says it contains, "15 Konami arcade titles from Gamepack 001 to Gamepack 007".
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Microsoft have confirmed that this offer is compatible with the current promotional offer of spend 2400MSP on XBLA items and game add-ons and get 800MSP back.

Note - In order to 'activate' these bundles, Microsoft say you are required to download an item of DLC entitled Bundle Pack 001 which acts as a 'license key' for the bundles above. This may be obtained using a pre-paid code.
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Credit for this story goes to N0RVY