Halo 5 Campaign and Warzone Details

By Shawn Hoffman, 2 years ago
Microsoft kicked off their E3 press conference this year by debuting never-before-seen gameplay from 343 Industries' Halo 5: Guardians. While no footage of Master Chief and his Blue Team were shown off, we did get to see some in-game footage of Halo 5's Red Team, headed by Chief's hunter, Lieutenant Commander Locke. The Arbiter is consulted in the quest to hunt the Chief, but he's not the only returning fan-favorite character. Gunnery Sergeant Buck is replacing his old ODST gear with a fancy new suit of Spartan-IV armor and joining Locke in the search for Master Chief. Two new faces were revealed, Vale and Tanaka, finalizing the Red Team roster.

New weapons, enemies, and armor abilities were showcased, but the classic Halo weaponry is still available. Check it out:

Halo 5 is also offering an entirely new multiplayer experience through Warzone. Warzone is a gigantic multiplayer mode that features enormous twelve-on-twelve player versus player matches and equally as large player versus enemies games. Everything is possible to take on and fight against in Warzone.

Halo: 5 Guardians will become available October 27th, 2015. Surely more information will arise in the upcoming weeks.
Shawn Hoffman
Written by Shawn Hoffman
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