Reminder: We're Looking For More Newshounds

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Just a friendly reminder and a notice for anyone who missed it first time around: Newshound applications are currently open! I'm extending the deadline to October 25th, so you've still got a couple of days left to apply if you haven't done so already.

All the details about the applications were originally posted in New News Manager For the News! last week, but here's a recap of how to apply:

If you think you are a good writer with a firm grasp on how to write and source news posts, then apply by sending me a PM with the subject line "Newshound Application" and including the following information:

• Your location and timezone

• How much time you spend on the site on an average day (or how much you'd be willing/able to). It'd also be useful to know what time of day that usually is/would be

• Your reason(s) for wanting to be a Newshound, and what you think would make you a good addition to the team

• Which games, genres or franchises you're most knowledgeable about, or are the biggest fan of. This isn't essential — and I would want newshounds to be willing to write about every game — but it'd be useful to know what sort of games you are most passionate about. I'd ideally like to take on enough people passionate about every genre, which would hopefully give us the highest calibre of news posts

• A brief explanation of how you would generally go about discovering a piece of news and what you would do before or while writing it

• Do you have any previous experiences with writing news, or any other sort of professional writing? If so, please provide some examples that I could check out.

• Any suggestions you have about the current news. Are there any things that you'd want to change about the news if you were on the team? Do you think there are any flaws in the way we write and post the news currently?

Finally, and probably most importantly, please include a sample news post. Doesn't matter what the story is, but the newer the better I suppose. Remember to include a title and strapline like all our news has, as well as correct sourcing for the information. I'm trying to keep those instructions as brief and as vague as possible because this will be the real test for you potential new Newshounds.
As I said in the New News Manager For the News! post, I'm hoping to take on around 10-12 new newsies, so there's plenty slots to be filled, and everyone's got good chances!