Trials Fusion Awesome Level MAX DLC Announced

By Ellis Spice, 2 years ago
Seemingly following very much in the footsteps of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Ubisoft have announced a new piece of DLC for Trials Fusion at their E3 conference, entitled 'Awesome Level MAX'. While the thirty new tracks the pack contains are somewhat expected, it's safe to say the fact players get to take on these tracks as a cat riding a unicorn was not:

Awesome Level Max 1

Awesome Level Max 2

Awesome Level Max 3

Awesome Level Max 4

Awesome Level Max 5

Awesome Level Max 6

Alongside this DLC a new retail version of the game, 'The Awesome Level MAX Edition', is also being released, with this new on-disc edition featuring the base Trials Fusion game, all of the DLC released as part of its season pass and the new 'Awesome Level MAX' DLC in one package.

Both the 'The Awesome Level MAX Edition' of Trials Fusion and the 'Awesome Level MAX' DLC is set to release on July 14th.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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