Blast 'Em Bunnies Coming To Xbox One

By Fierce, 4 years ago
Indie developer, Nnooo has announced that a quaint and furry shmup title called Blast 'em Bunnies will be coming to the Xbox One. This endless shooter requires you to demolish not-so-friendly bunnies that are looking to take you down. The goal is to keep your bunny alive as long as you can with a range of ballistic artillery that can be upgraded over time. The longer you play, the more difficult the oncoming horde of hares will be. Take a look at the trailer and some screen shots to see if you're ready to take on the cunning cottontails.

Blast Em Bunnies 9

Blast Em Bunnies 8

Blast Em Bunnies 7

Blast Em Bunnies 6

Blast Em Bunnies 5

Blast Em Bunnies 4

Blast Em Bunnies 3

Blast Em Bunnies 2

Blast Em Bunnies 1

You can make rabbit stew when Blast 'Em Bunnies gets released on Xbox One; no release date has been set.

We've got the full list of Blast 'em Bunnies achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Fierce
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