Walkthrough Updates

By MC0REBE, 2 years ago
Hey everyone!

Rich and his minions devs have been working hard on improving our walkthrough system, and we can finally announce some epic changes. Before we get to the changes, we also want to announce that overseer GillesdeRais has decided to step down. We would like to thank him for all the input he has provided and we wish him the best in his future endeavours.

1. Badges
We felt that 500 published walkthroughs was a bit too much for everyone to get that infamous Gold Badge. As you can see on TrueAchievements Badge Info, we have changed this to 50 for owned walkthroughs and 75 for contributed walkthroughs. The latter is being awarded after being an editor on a certain walkthrough, a contributor (someone who abandoned a walkthrough for example) or after porting a walkthrough.

New numbers for owned and contributed walkthroughs!New numbers for owned and contributed walkthroughs!

As noted before, the contributions badge on your account (should you have one obviously) counts for your role as editor, transformer or contributor. When clicking your badge, you'll see your role on the same line as the walkthrough you've worked on.

The update to the Contributions-badge displayedThe update to the "Contributions"-badge displayed

2. Thanks system
After getting some community input to get somekind of feedback on your walkthroughs, we have come up with a thank you system which allows you to give the owner (and editors) a thumbs up. Less effective than a high five, but a grateful gesture non the less smile.

Show the published walkthroughs you used some love!Show the published walkthroughs you used some love!

Thanks are anonymous as you can see.Thanks are anonymous as you can see.

I do want to stress that if you find issues with a particular walkthrough you should post them on their linked Walkthrough Discussion thread (found at the bottom of every page of the walkthrough). Our team is still going through all the "old" walkthroughs so we can fresh them up, so please share as much information as you can. Not only will it speed up our process, the walkthrough you "reported" will be worked on much faster because of this.

3. Walkthroughs in progress
Another feature that was requested a lot was the ability to see how far the writer progressed into finishing the walkthrough. The owner now has the ability to set a "completion percentage" on their management pages which you will be able to see on the walkthrough thread page.

Public forumPublic forum

Walkthroughs that require new owners will now state that on the walkthrough page. This way, you can now let us know if you would like to take over the writing of the walkthrough.

You can find this at the top...You can find this at the top...

... And there's even an automated post!... And there's even an automated post!

Obviously, the whole team and myself will answer any questions related a walkthrough in that state. We do wish to mention that we have a spreadsheet that's updated every month with notes about walkthroughs that require new owners. Those that haven't been worked on since creating the walkthrough, or those that have content that can be neglected are deleted by the management team after discussing it with the assigned overseer.

4. Friend Feed
A new friend feed item has been implemented to tell the community that a ported walkthrough is now published.

You'll have to wait a little bit longer for this walkthrough, but the Friend Feed items work!You'll have to wait a little bit longer for this walkthrough, but the Friend Feed items work!

5. Cross-site walkthrough porting
Rather than re-writing existing TrueAchievements walkthroughs for TrueTrophies and vice versa. we have come up with a more elegant solution to link walkthroughs across the sites. Should your walkthrough meet our standards, the management team has the ability to link the game on TT so it can link the users from that community back here. Obviously it would be a lot of work to go through all 1,100 published walkthroughs ourself, so if you haven't send me a list with your published walkthroughs yet; now it's the time! Your walkthrough should show on TT within 24 hours of your PM.

Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have a walkthrough on TT, but gamers will be linked to TA if they need any assistance.Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have a walkthrough on TT, but gamers will be linked to TA if they need any assistance.

That's all for this massive update! Thanks to help from the community and the development team, we are continually improving the way we create walkthroughs. Should you have any ideas or issues, please let us know by sending me a Private Message or post on this thread.

If you are currently writing or would like to write a walkthrough, please make sure to read this thread to find out about a new rule regarding Time Limitations as well as this thread to stay informed about other improvements. Make sure you give the devs and Rich a thumbs up for their epic coding, and until next time wave!

- MC0REBE, Walkthrough Manager