Wulverblade E3 Trailer Released

By Damien Knox, 2 years ago
Unlike many of the ID@Xbox titles featured at this year's E3, Darkwind Media's Wulverblade, a beat-em up set during the Roman Invasion, has been on our radar for some time. In fact, it was first shown during GDC in March of 2014 and even made an appearance during last year's E3. Most recently, the game was showcased at Play Blackpool where our own Rebecca Smith had a chance to interview Michael Heald about the title.

With E3 2015 now here, a fresh trailer has been released. Not only do we see more of the beat-em up action, but we also get a look at two new characters, Brennus and Guinevere.

Wulverblade is set for a Q4 release on Xbox One.
Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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