ReCore Shares New Story And Gameplay Details

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
Every E3 is surrounded by gamers clamoring for new franchises to be revealed. Yesterday's show had a lot of sequels, but there were some promising new intellectual properties introduced too. ReCore was the first one of the day. If you missed the reveal trailer, check that out first, then come back here and learn more about it.

ReCore puts players in the shoes of Joule, one of the last humans on earth years after artificial superintelligence has wiped out most of the population. These robot overlords still roam the land, but they aren't all bad. The action-adventure game will have you meet and befriend several robot companions over the course of the story who will aid you in your quest to save humanity. A joint effort from Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios, the game hopes to marry " tried-and-true action-adventure gameplay with incredible visuals, a unique art style and an emotionally engaging story." In the debut trailer we see Joule upload her dog-like companion's consciousness into a new body, hinting at a gameplay feature and the multitude of different companions you'll meet along the way. Inafune and Armature, the creators of Metroid Prime, are combining their own rich histories in the industry to blend combat and exploration of the story's unique setting.

For now, the game has a release window of spring of next year, coming exclusively to Xbox One.

Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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