HITMAN Announcement Screens

By Marc Hollinshead, 2 years ago
Earlier on, it was announced that Agent 47 would be grabbing his double ballers once again with the new title, HITMAN. A trailer was shown for the game and now some screenshots have also appeared. While they may all be stills taken from the trailer, we now get to take a closer look at each of them and study them more closely. What do you make of them?

E3 2015 1

E3 2015 2

E3 2015 3

E3 2015 4

E3 2015 5

E3 2015 6

E3 2015 7

E3 2015 8

E3 2015 9

E3 2015 10

HITMAN will be coming to Xbox One digitally through episodes on December 8th.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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